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Dr. Crystal Nelson is passionate about educating her clients about mental health and empowering them in the healing process.
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Do you suffer from moderate to major depression?

TMS is a treatment that safely delivers magnetic pulses to areas of the brain that are responsible for mood. Instead of using invasive electrical currents like in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), the magnetic pulses from TMS are similar in strength to those emitted during a typical MRI. The pulses are directed toward the prefrontal cortex of the brain to change the magnetic field and stimulate neurons within the mood center. This not only mitigates depression for a short time but can also result in long lasting relief. TMS treatment usually includes four to six weeks of non-invasive, in-office treatments that take less than an hour each day, five days each week.

In addition, we've combined Customized Nutrition with TMS to increase your chance of a faster therapeutic outcome. This addition helps your body fill nutritional gaps and increase serotonin levels. This is also proven to decrease depression in clinical studies around the world. If you suffer from moderate to severe depression and seeking answers, call for a TMS evaluation appointment with Dr. Nelson today.
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Psychiatric evaluation & medication management

In-Person Visits

During the initial appointment,  all pertinent information is gathered to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for each individual. 60 minutes with the MD  $345

All initial appointments include:

  1. Comprehensive history gathering
  2. Evaluation for medication
  3. Pharmocogenetic Testing
  4. Nutritional assessment and recommendations
  5. Supportive psychotherapy

Follow- up appointments 30 minutes with the MD $170

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Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGX)

Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGX) is the study of how genes affect a person's response to medications. PGX also helps to determine the most effective and safe medications to use in treatment. This is tailored to a person's genetic makeup. The testing is done in office using a cheek swab sample which is sent to an outside lab. Results are back in 7-10 business days. Results are reviewed with the patient by the physician. This testing is covered by most insurance plans.
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Pharmacogenetic Testing

High-Profile Client Services

We cater to high profile clientele that want customized mental health service options

  • Entertainers
  • Professional Athletes
  • City, State and Government officials
  • Corporate Executives

Dealing with a high-stress lifestyle can limit availability to quality mental healthcare. You may experience a lack of energy, anxiety, diminished mental focus, or insufficient quality of sleep among other things. Your privacy is paramount! We DO NOT contact your insurance carrier for our services. Our self-pay model allows us to provide more for our clients. You will also receive access to high-quality health products for your entire family. We provide a separate entrance for anonymity. Our retainer-based concierge service compliments your complex lifestyle.

Retainer Concierge details call 678-619-5151
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