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Individually Designed Life

Good Mental Health also includes Good Physical Health. Therefore at Blueprint Psychiatry in Newnan, GA we also offer wellness consultations. Each consultation comes with a Customized Scientific Assessment based on over 20 years of evidence. This tool will explain and guide you through the choices to help you achieve the goals of weight management, improved fitness, or just overall well-being.
We provide Individuals and families customized nutritional supplement product packages that will help you achieve optimal health and wellness. We’ve done extensive research to provide our clients with the highest quality products on the market in order to be successful in their journey.

Product Offerings:

New Book: A Blueprint For Better Mental Health

Sleep Strips

At Blueprint our Sleep Strips help bring your body into balance so you can enjoy restful, restorative, deep sleep. The fresh-tasting mint-flavored strips melt in your mouth, and deliver a complex of nutrients, including melatonin, L-Theanine and 5HTP, in a tri-phasic approach that supports all three phases of the sleep cycle. You’ll wake up refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated, but won’t have the lingering after-effect that so many sleep aids leave you with.

Customized Vitamins

Available now at Blueprint Psychiatry is something that’s Designed for you and Built by Science. Learn more about customized vitamins and how IDNutrition provides you the exact nutrition you need, when you need it.

Idlife Slim+

Slim+ is a delicious formula designed to help you manage weight, control your hunger and
curb those unwanted sugar cravings while providing focus and energy to power through your day.

Brain Support

We are about proving our clients with the right nutrition to help in areas that are essential to good mental health. The nutrients found in the Brain Support pack will help your brain communicate effectively, decrease fatigue, and optimize your ability to focus and get things done. The complex functioning of the brain, though highly efficient, is not immune to fatigue.
Each pack comes with a 30-day supply of convenient daily strip packs divided into morning and evening boxes.

Kids Vitamins

Kids, like adults, are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals due to a number of contributing factors. To address these nutritional gaps, IDLife has developed a fun and great tasting chewable packed with 24 vitamins and minerals designed just for kids.