Frequently Asked Questions

What are common reasons to schedule a Telepsychiatry Appointment from home?

1. I want to establish myself as a new patient

2. I'm an established patient and I schedule my regular psychiatry appointment. 

3. I'm an established patient and I need to manage my medications

4. I have some questions about my medications or about my symptoms.

How much does the Telespychiatry appointment cost?

The cost varies per visit type, that will be discussed with you prior to scheduling.

Do I need to have a computer?

You do not need to have a computer. A phone with a camera and microphone will work too. You need to have a strong wifi or 3G/4G connection and good lighting so the doctor can see your smile.

Why can’t I just come to the office?

Presently we are only seeing patients in the office for TMS treatment.

Can multiple people in my household participate in the Telepsychiatry Appointment?

We will need to set up an appointment for each individual but we can do the assessment on one call.

Will my appointment be with Dr. Nelson?

Your appointment will be with Dr. Nelson or one of her advanced practitioners.

Will I have a diagnosis at the end of my appointment?

Newly established patients may not receive a diagnosis in a video call. There may need to be blood work, labs or a deeper diagnostic exam to receive a true diagnosis. That will be determined at the time of the visit.